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Primers Based on Skin Type

I am so excited to add this feature to my website! I am so passionate about making and helping others find the products that best fit them. Educating my clients at Sephora was my absolute FAVORITE part of my job. I miss that aspect of what I do and really want to incorporate that into my business. You can always hear me talk about the products I use daily on my live videos but I know that not everyone is able to access those! This blog will be a PERFECT way for you to educate yourself about products that I love and recommend. Lets get started:

These are obviously WELL LOVED! LOL! These are products that I use personally or are in my kit!

1. Primers

Finding the correct foundation and primer combo can be a total b word!!! You can have the perfect foundation for your skin type and the incorrect primer can ruin your look! This will be a two part series. I will introduce primers I love first and then give you a detailed description on my favorite foundations in another blog post!

The first step in finding your primer is making sure that your choosing a primer thats best for your skin type. I find I get the best wear out of my products when I actually use TWO primers. One for pore filling and another for brightening/evening skin tone! But that will obviously not be the case for every skin type. THE NUMBER ONE THING YOU TO MAKE SURE OF.....Make sure your primer and foundation are the SAME BASE! Meaning if you have a silicone primer than you need a silicone foundation, oil based primer - oil based foundation and then of course water based primer means water based foundation.


I can relate to this skin type so much. My cheeks and under eyes are always screaming for hydration! I LOVE the Becca Backlight priming filter. This will add that extra brightness your dry skin lacks. I use the Makeup Forever step 1 hydrating primer on all my clients that have dry skin. Another way to really make your skin look supple and hydrated is to add a liquid highlight to the high points of your face on top of your primer. One of my favorites is the MAC strobe cream!


If you have oily skin than you want to stay away from silicone based products. Silicone and oil do not mix. My favorite mattifying primer is the Step 1 Makeup Forever Mattifying primer! This primer is AMAZING!!!! This was my go to when I worked at Sephora. If you also struggle with pore the Benefit Porefessional primer is a really great oily skin friendly blurring primer! The too faced Primed and Peachy primer is another great mattifying primer that will also blur imperfections in the skin! And it smells AMAZING!


This is the skin type where using two primers comes in handy. This is also the most common skin type. Most women are going to have a more oily t zone and then dry/normal everywhere else. My absolute favorite primer EVER is the Tatcha Silk Canvas primer. It is definitely not pocket book friendly but it is 100% worth it. It also takes the smallest amount to do its job. I normally apply this product to my nose, right on the apples of my cheeks, forehead and a small amount on my chin. Another favorite of mine is the Smashbox Photo Finish primer. As you can tell, it is WELL LOVED lol! I use this product on myself and my clients. This will give your skin an amazing blurred effect. I would not recommend this product for oily skin! I mentioned this product in the dry skin description but it is amazing for all skin types and my personal favorite, Becca Backlight Priming Filter. This is the second primer that I use on my skin daily!

Whew! I love MAKEUP! It felt so good to be able to write out all my knowledge on these products. There are obviously a thousand more primers that are equally as great as these! But these are just ones that I have the most experience and success with. Drop your favorite primers in the comments! I love playing with new products and hearing other peoples suggestions!

xoxo, Macey

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